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Easy Mindful Green Living Tips

Our environment has been home to millions of life forms for millions of years. But in the recent millennia, this ecosystem has become under stress and adapting to the pollution and waste we generate. How can we help? Follow our simple green living tips. It’s easy to want to live green but sometimes it’s not as easy to be earth conscious every day.

Here are some easy green living tips:

  1. Consolidate your trips. Plan a week ahead by figuring out what stores you need supplies from and people you want to visit in context from work or from home. Not only will this save you time, it also saves on gas — thus reducing CO2 emissions (which is a huge greenhouse gas). Can you carpool? Can you use alternative commute options like bus, subway, walk or bike?
  2. Remember your reusable shopping bags. Leave your shopping bags in the trunk of your car. When you stop for an impromptu grocery trip, you will have bags handy, eliminating the use of plastic or paper bags.
  3. Turn off the lights and unplug your electronics. When you exit a room or your house, remember to switch off the lights and turn off your computer. Environmentalists put computers on its number one hit list of vampire electronics. Vampire electronics drain energy even though they are not in active use. Other vampire electronics are: cell phones that are fully charged that are still plugged to an outlet and coffee machines that keeps time. Make it easier for you to remember to unplug! Get a power strip for all the mini appliances and chargers for your electronics. When you are away from home, unplug the strips!
  4. Break down boxes and plastic bottles. We order products online and it often arrives in bulky boxes. Help save landfill space (which is finite) by breaking those cardboard boxes down before you recycle them. Do the same for plastic bottles and aluminum cans.
  5. Use cloth rags instead of paper towels. Convert old t-shirts into rags for wiping counters or doing household chores. Not only are you re purposing old clothes, you are reducing the use of paper towels (saving trees one sheet at a time).
  6. Look for products with legitimate environmental seals. Many for-profit seals are out there in the market that will accredit any products for a price. So be aware! Budget $20 dollars extra a month on brands that legitimately to its part to save the environment. It doesn’t just have to be Energy Star appliances, but copier paper with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) seal, or household items with the Green Seal.

You can make a difference, one small step at a time. Do what you can every day and don’t get discouraged!

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