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Four Ways to Be a More Mindful Boss

The key to a great working environment is having the right boss leading the way. Of course, no one is perfect, so having a flawless boss is implausible. Or is it?

Google created an in-house mission known as Project Oxygen. Their goal was to “build a better boss.” The analysts gathered performance reviews and surveys from Google employees about their managers. They studied over 10,000 observations and came up with the “Eight Habits of Highly Effective Google Managers.” Though the research was created with Google employees in mind, their findings could prove helpful for any boss.

Some of the habits may seem a little obvious like “be productive and results-oriented” or “empower your team and don’t micromanage.” However, you’d be surprised how often employees complain that their bosses are not doing these things. HR Solutions, Inc., a management consulting firm, studied job satisfaction with over 2.2 million participants. One of the top ten employee complaints was “over-management” or micromanagement.

Mindful Boss Tips

So what steps can you take to become a better, more mindful boss? Listed below are just a few suggestions.

  1. Stop and listen. To be an effective boss you have to give orders, but remember to take the time to listen to your team too. Attentively listening to suggestions and taking an interest in their personal lives will show your employees that you care.
  2. Encouragement goes a long way. Offering constructive criticism can be helpful, but offering up encouragement can be even better. Give your team positive feedback and their confidence and work performance will flourish.
  3. Give them specifics. Your employees aren’t mind-readers. When you give instruction, feedback, or even criticism make sure that you are direct and clear. This ensures that there will be less confusion later.
  4. Build solidarity. In order for a business to be successful everyone needs to be on the same page. For a strong team invest in team building exercises and retreats. You’ll find that the workplace environment will improve in no time.

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