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Get Rid of Stressful Clutter Now

Living in clutter is a great source of stress. When you can’t find your car keys, your favorite blouse is missing and the report you spent so much time on has disappeared your stress can be on overdrive. When you are surrounded by clutter you can feel out of control, frustrated, guilty and angry. It’s national organization month and time to clear the stressful clutter.

Clear the Stressful Clutter

From Your Mind
  1. You are on an adventure. Be optimistic, open-minded. Experience this as a de-cluttering journey to a new life!
  2. Meditation/Guided Imagery. Begin to learn to clear your mind by taking a meditation or guided imagery class or get a meditation app you love. This will reduce your stress and begin to give you courage and confidence.
  3. Clearing space. Every two hours stop, take deep breathes: inhale clear, clean air, the exhale worries and racing thoughts. Get an organization app you love to help remind you to keep up this clearing practice.
From Your Home
  1. Resources are everywhere. Clutter is a great human problem in our world. There are tremendous resources available to you. You are not alone! There are great books, videos on YouTube, and consultants you can hire to guide you through this exciting de-cluttering process.
  2. Box it up. Buy some small sized, easy to handle boxes. Choose one room to begin in. Put the clutter into the boxes and stack them in the corner of the room. See how neat and clean your room looks now. Open a couple boxes a night or on a weekend and throw out or organize on shelves the things you love. If you don’t love it and it doesn’t bring you joy get rid of it.
  3. Designer organizers. There are beautiful shelves, cabinets, and boxes to organize everything you have. Have fun going online or to your favorite store and explore new ways to manage your stuff with beauty and great design.
From Your Work
  1. De-clutter your workspace. Clear off your desk and put the contents in a small box in the corner of your office or cubicle.
  2. Beauty. Use your favorite color, the photos you love and the plants you enjoy to decorate your beautiful workspace. Once you claim your workspace as a place of beauty, organization, and efficiency, everything in your life will change.

Tasks. Don’t forget to get rid of the clutter on your computer, emails, and correspondence. YouTube has many how-to videos.

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