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Getting Off Work on Time

Americans spend a majority of their week at work. The last thing anyone wants is to spend extra time trying to finish up a work project or wrapping up the day’s work, because it eats into precious time that could be spent at home.

Unfortunately, many people do stay a little longer after work or decide to work overtime. While there may be monetary benefits to working more than eight hours a day, there can also be terrible health consequences. In a U.K. study, researchers found that those that work a ten hours a day are “more likely to have heart-related problems.” In fact, of the 6,000 participants in the study, those who worked ten hours a day were 60 percent more likely to have problems like non-fatal heart attacks and heart disease, than those who work seven hours a day.

Are you interested into getting home sooner? Tired of getting home late? Whether you’re using your time for relaxation, being with friends, or hanging with family, S.E.L.F. Care® can help.

Here are two helpful tips on getting off work in time:


Set a timer on your computer two hours before you are scheduled to leave for the day. If you leave at five o’clock, set alarm for three o’clock. This creates less stress because you are giving yourself and your team plenty of time to finish the day’s work. Clean up your work area, and plan for the next day or the rest of the week. This also gives you a sense of control over your life. The more control a person experiences, the less stress one may experiences.

Two-Hour Window. You have two hours left, so why not also evaluate your day? Look at your goals for the day and note what you were/ were not able to accomplish. Did you return all phone calls and emails?. Did you check with your team to make sure everyone is on task, with plenty of time to help each other get work done?. Evaluate goals that were unfinished for the day and put it on your schedule for tomorrow.

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