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Getting World Cup Fever?

By Ruvana Merkaj and Kathleen Hall

Let the Games Begin

Soccer fever is high because it is time for the World Cup. Soccer has been a very popular sport globally since it’s inception and is growing like wildfire in the United States. Our hometown team, Atlanta United, is doing quite well and their tagline is #UniteAndConquer. Soccer is bringing our Atlanta and the global community together in powerful ways.

Soccer gives us many invaluable mindful lessons that can enrich our lives.

  1. Discipline

Discipline is the key ingredient for any happy and successful life. Discipline develops the essential skills of creating boundaries, taking responsibility for your choices, acting with intention, and living with greater focus and intention.

  1. Work Hard-Play Hard

To be happy, healthy and successful in achieving your life goals working hard while enjoying your work is important. Many of us will not succeed in the job we have dreamed of but hard work will get you to a level where you experience a rewarding sense of self-fulfillment. There is a popular international game you can play to increase your fun and learn more about all the global teams.

  1. Perseverance

I always say, “Fall down 40 times and get up 41.” Perseverance is a required skill for anyone who wants to achieve any goal in life. Soccer develops mental health and physical health and resilience.

  1. Teamwork

Learning how to function within a team is a skill that will reward you with success in your business and personal life. Developing a teamwork mindset makes you a better student in class, a better soccer player and a better member of any community in life.

  1. Healthy Competition

Life is all about competition. Whether you compete for a blue ribbon, compete for a job or a good grade, life is about competition. Many people believe competition is a negative concept of kill or be killed. Competition makes us play any game in life at our higher or best level. You can also learn that competition is fun and it will make you grow in ways you never dreamed.

  1. Self Esteem

You develop a greater sense of self, confidence, and empowerment when you play soccer. You are responsible for playing your position at your best, cooperating with other players, problem-solving, and sacrificing for the team. All the skills required to play soccer increase a healthy self–esteem.

  1. Global CommUNITY

Soccer continually shows us that we are one human family competing in a game that creates a global community experiencing the richness of competition, skill, and greatness. When you put on your favorite country’s shirt, sit with friends, and turn on your television, we all become united in the same global human family playing together. Here are some World Cup viewing parties.

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