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Gifts for National Grandparents Day

by MLN Staff

Our elders are the foundation of our families and have an integral part in modern American households. This coming September 8th honor these loved ones on National Grandparents Day. In 1979, President Carter first declared National Grandparents Day to recognize the “importance and the worth of the grandparents in our nation.” It’s traditional to give a gift, but finding the right present for the occasion can be tough. What do you give some who has seen and done so much in their lifetime? Fortunately, you can never go wrong with a gift from the heart.

Here are some suggestions on finding the best gifts for National Grandparents Day:

  1. Pictures worth a thousand words. If your loved one has a large collection of pictures consider organizing it for them. Consider giving them a digital frame to save on space. You can also make a published photobook or calendar as well.
  2. Stay warm with precious memories. Handmade quilts hold a special place in families. For chilly autumn nights consider giving your loved ones a quilt made from memories. There are plenty of companies and websites (like where people can turn memorable clothing and even photographs into a lovely quilt.
  3. Gifts made with your hands and heart. Grandparents always treasure gifts made by their grandchildren. With some paper and paint the kids can make a family tree that can be framed or they can make their own Happy Grandparents Day cards.
  4. Well-deserved relaxation. Help your loved ones relax with the right tools. If they enjoy a luxurious bath consider aromatherapy candles and bath salts. If they have been feeling a little achy, consider a foot bath or back massager.
  5. Little sweet treats. Handmade presents are sweet, but homemade treats can be even sweeter. Having the grandkids help baked and decorate a dozen cookies is a delicious idea. Or, for a healthier snack, they can make an edible fruit bouquet.
  6. Time spent together is time well spent. If you’d rather not buy a gift, consider going on an outing instead. Take a small vacation together. Or take a trip to a local point of interest that matches their hobbies; for instance, if they love nature consider visiting a botanical garden center.

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