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Gifts for Your Four-Legged Friends

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It’s been a tough financial year for many Americans, but this hasn’t discouraged them from giving to others, especially to their pets. says over 50 percent of pet owners will have gifts for their four-legged friend this year, an improvement from previous years.

This year find the perfect, affordable gifts for your pet

Luxury Gifts

Looking to pamper your pets this year? Bejeweled collars never go out of style. You can find a dazzling collar at Petco or Personalized pet-wear is a great way to show your love, while keeping your pets warm. Ralph Lauren has pet Polos that you can order with your pet’s name. If you really want to treat your pet consider taking them to a pet spa where they can get groomed, “pawdicures”, and a massage.

Trendy Gifts

 Heating pads for pets are becoming increasing popular. Check your local pet stores for cordless pads that come in various shapes and colors. Toys are always loads of fun for pets and their owners. This year there are some unique toys like an iPawd, Muttster Card, and Bark Jacobs Purses. GPS collars have also become a trendy gift. Your pets can explore the great outdoors and you’ll know exactly where they are.

Tasty Gifts

You can never go wrong with a delicious treat as a pet gift. Bones are holiday staples, but why not try something different this year? Stella & Chewy has “Carnivore Kisses” for dogs that are all-natural with no dyes or preservatives. They come in small bites in flavors like bison, salmon, and duck. For that special feline, Yummy Chummies have a gourmet cat treat that’s affordable and your cat will love the Alaskan Salmon flavor.

Homemade Gifts

 Want to get the kids involved? Create gifts together for your pets. You can find recipes to make treats for your dog or cat online. For cats try a crunchy tuna treat ( and for dogs try cheddar treats ( You can make cat nip toys with kid socks and make embellished dog collars with non-toxic glue and felt.

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