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Hallmark Cards: Say it in writing

by MLN Staff
A hallmark card envlope with a kiss

It is the season for expressing warm wishes for occasions  through memorable cards. It is a perfect month for Hallmark Cards to be our Mindful Company. The company was selected in 2009 as one of the 100 Best Companies by Working Mother magazine

Why Hallmark cards?

After earning a place on Working Mother’s list 15 times, Hallmark now ranks alongside 23 others companies on the list’s Hall of Fame.

The company is  an employee centered company since its very beginning. Even in these tough economic times Hallmark continues to invest in their employees through their many areas of focus such as: health care, child care, work-life balance programs, elder care assistance, wellness programs, tuition reimbursement and adoption assistance.

We personally would like to thank Hallmark for creating such “mindful” heart filled products that we have all enjoyed for so many years. Your mindful products continue to cultivate mindful practices in our world such as; love, kindness, forgiveness, our family rituals of life.  Your brand has great integrity and dignity in our world.  Thank you.

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