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Happy Earth Day

by MLN Staff

Dr Kathleen Hall wishes you and Mother Earth a Happy Earth Day this April!

Spring is time of rebirth and renewal it’s also Earth Month.  Earth Day is this month so we ask everyone to use this month as a time of education. Think about how we are all inextricably linked to Mother Earth. Dr Hall of the Mindful Living networks asks everybody this month to do three things.  These three things are:

  1. Awareness – Be aware of every time you drink something, flush a toilet or eat from a styrofoam box to think where did it come from and where is it going? There’s a cause and effect to everything and we have to think mindfully that we want every choice we make to help and not harm the earth.
  2. Reverent Respect – We must have reverent respect for ourselves, for each other and for this amazing Earth. It gives us water air so please whatever you do before you eat or drink anything, just look at it very mindfully and be grateful.
  3. Gratitude  – Please practice gratitude when you’re at home with your children or family. Try watchig the sunrise. When you’re at work take your coworker to look at the landscape for a break. When you’re driving home at the in the commute instead of complaining and griping, sit there and watch the clouds move by. Try to have gratitude for this incredible miraculous universe that we all share.
Above all else, remember that we’re all in this together. We’re one human family and we have one common destiny. Let’s look at this month as a month of graceful education and all of us learning new things. Have a happy Earth Day!

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