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Healing Summer Skin Damage

by MLN Staff
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With the number of beach visitors slowly winding down and pools starting to close for the season, it’s time for us to assess the health of our skin after a long, heated summer.

Many summer factors can wreak havoc on the health of your skin including ultraviolet rays from the sun, chlorine from your local swimming pool and saltwater from the beach.

Sun Skin Damage

Though sunlight is a vitamin D source, too much of it can be hazardous. These ultraviolet rays alter the DNA of your skin cells and they damage elastin, a specific fiber found in the skin. Over time the damaged skin cells can lead to uneven skin, rough skin, freckles and even benign tumors. Without elastin, skin can loosen, causing sagging skin and wrinkles.

Seawater and Chlorine Skin Damage

It’s not just the sun that we have to be cautious of. Chlorine found in swimming pools strips the body of natural, protective oils. Without them, skin becomes dry and irritated causing rashes, wrinkles, and early aging signs. Saltwater from the beach is good in moderation (it exfoliates skin), but too much of it can strip water from your skin and cause a dry, flaky feel.

Sun Damaged Skin Repair

If you’re looking for a way to repair minor sun damaged skin, take a look at the Mindful suggestions listed below.

  1. Healing tea. The polyphenol antioxidants found in tea can fight against sun damage and protect sun damaged skin. You can buy body scrubs with green tea extract like this St. Ives product or make your own using this recipe that calls for green tea, sea salt, sugar, and honey. Green tea for skin repair is definitely a Mindful tip.
  2. Boosting vitamin C. This essential vitamin is said to reduce wrinkles and scars caused by sun damage. You can find vitamin C infused products like Body Shop wash or make your own with this recipe that has ingredients like honey and orange juice.
  3. Relieving oatmeal. Oatmeal’s a pantry staple that can also help soothe irritated skin brought on by chlorine filled pools. You can buy oatmeal bath kits like this Aveeno oatmeal bath or make your own from this recipe that includes oatmeal and powdered milk.
  4. Smoothing acids. Glycolic acid (found in sugar cane) washes away dead cells and will smooth dry skin caused by excessive saltwater. There are many products out there with this ingredient. Check with your doctor for some suggestions.

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