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Houseplant Care Tips For Beginners + Bonus Printable Guide

Looking for some houseplant  care tips and hints? We’ve got this covered! Creating an indoor garden is a great activity and stress-reliever, not to mention plants are a beautiful addition to your home. Houseplants add life to your space and make your home cheerful and welcoming. But what if you don’t have a green thumb?

 While each plant may have slightly different needs, there are definitely some tips and best practices that can be applied to all types of houseplants! The right light exposure, watering schedule, container choice, soil type, and feeding regimen will determine if your houseplants thrive, or flounder. This video contains information about all of these things, along with some tips, hints and other ideas to help you make your plants thrive!

Get Your Bonus Guide

The printable guide from Pick Up Limes will help you to create an easy reference for all your house plants! The most important factors to think about when picking your next plants are light, water, and maintenance. It can be confusing and overwhelming but this guide can help!

Video (and guide) brought to you by Pick Up Limes

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