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How can I experience joy in my life?

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Hannah, To experience joy in your life, you must begin with the intention of wanting to experience joy. Once you decide to commit to bliss, you have no choice but to live differently. You consciously choose what to allow into your body and mind. You are mindful of your senses when you eat. You move intentionally. You learn to control the flow of noisy thoughts and be discriminating in what you choose to read, watch on TV or hear from others. You want less. You find fulfillment in wholeness and small pleasures. You rejoice in the rhythm of breathing and can slow down your heartbeat and feel the pulse of the earth.

Joy does not exist in a vacuum or bubble. It is not mindless happiness or an exaggerated sense of pleasure. It is earned by committing to experience the full spectrum of the human condition. You can find it just by sitting in contemplation for twenty minutes a day. You can spread it by showing the face of joy to all whom you meet in your daily life.

Hope, energy, honesty, optimism, and perseverance will lead you to en-joy, living in joy. It is a natural flow.

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