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How can I reduce stress in my life?

Jennifer, The first thing to do is become aware of what your stressors are. Each of us is different and we can have very different stress triggers. Your stress response is partly inherited and also is affected by your environment. I use a simple acronym called A.C.E.

A is for awareness. Get a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle of the paper. Put a plus on one side of the paper and a minus sign on the other side. On the minus side write down the things that trigger your stress. Maybe your commute, cooking dinner, your job or a personal relationship is stressing you. On the plus side write down the things in your life that you love that give you energy and love. This could be dinner with your family, reading a book, taking a bath or doing a project at work. Do this for about a week and you will begin to see your stress triggers and what you love that you may not be doing enough of.

C is for choice. As you see your triggers you can begin to make choices of whether you will continue with these experiences or not. If you continue with stressful events, you need to learn stress reduction techniques.

E is for the energy that you will experience once you begin to discover the sources of stress in your life. Finally, it is essential to learn stress reduction practices.

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