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How To Organize Your Desk

by Andrea Greengard

Is your desk organized? You’ll work much more effectively if it is, so here’s a great video that explains how to best organize your desk. You’re sure to find some tips that will help you, whether your desk is in your home office or outside of the home.

Why It’s Important to Organize Your Desk

How To Organize Your Desk
Besides looking great, an organized desk has many other benefits

You may be wondering exactly why it’s important to organize your desk. You’ll look more professional and you’ll save time not looking for a misplaced invoice or meeting notes. Aside from workplace benefits, studies show a well-organized desk also has psychological perks. There are many, many other reasons, but here are a few of the top ones:

  1. Increase your productivity. By keeping your desk organized, you’ll save time looking for things and because of this have more time to work on important tasks. Organization improves the flow of communication between you and your team. As a result, this can make your team more productive.
  2. Reduce your stress level. Is your manager asking you to locate a document from five years ago? Tracking something down will be easy if your desk is organized, rather than a source of stress!
  3. Be on time – consistently. Desk organization and punctuality go hand-in-hand. One example is to use calendar alerts. This will help ensure you don’t get caught up in a task and lose track of time.
  4. Meet deadlines. When task after task begins to pile up, it can become hard to remember small (yet very important) tasks. Setting a calendar alert so you never miss important deadlines is a great way to help you complete tasks ahead of schedule.

Want to know more about how to organize a desk or set up a home office? We’ve got all kinds of great information in our Mindful Work section.

Video by SparklyBlonde1

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