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Mindful Travel Souvenir Ideas

The best thing about vacationing is that each of us brings back a little piece of our travels with us, whether it’s life lessons, memories or souvenirs. Buying a mindful travel souvenir for a friend is a great way to share your traveling experiences with others, but it can be difficult to decide what to give them.

In addition, with limited suitcase space, it’s difficult to pick out gifts that are not only meaningful but small enough to pack and bring back. Listed below is some helpful advice that will work for any budget.

5 Tips for Buying a Mindful Travel  Souvenir


Typical souvenirs like paperweights, bookmarks, and key chains are great but not exactly useful. These types of gifts generally get lost around a person’s house. Try gifts that you know they currently need or can easily display. Or choose a gift that’s always welcomed and enjoyed such as food (just be sure to ask about their preferences and allergies before you leave).

Unique to the location

Consider buying a gift that’s made from local resources and reflects the local culture. For instance, try handmade woolen scarves from New Zealand, a robe made of Chinese silk, perfume from France, chocolate treats from Belgium, or liquor from Russia. Also, consider buying arts or crafts (paintings, figurines, or jewelry) from artists at local fairs and markets.

Sentimental value

A Mindful souvenir usually has sentimental value that you know the recipient will appreciate.  For instance, a picture of a special landscape or moment attached with a note describing your experience and how much you missed them is a sweet idea.


Everyone collects something. It could be drinking glasses, spoons, snow globes, art, or international currency. So, consider asking your friends about their collections before you leave. If they don’t have a collection, try giving them gifts that match their interests. For instance, if they love buying new varieties of coffee or tea consider giving them a popular brew from your travels.

Personalized gifts

The gift doesn’t have to have their name on it. It can be personalized with their initials, favorite colors, school colors, lucky numbers, a personal quote, or in other ways.


Make your souvenir even more special with a personalized note to further explain the gift. Do you have a cute story of how you found the souvenir? Consider including it in the note. Did you travel to an exotic location that they aren’t familiar with? Try adding fun facts about the place. Also, try adding details about why you chose this gift for them.

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