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I am Stressed About the Boston Marathon Bombing

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
boston marathon bombing

Many people are still reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing, another devastating terrorist attack.

The process of grieving on a national scale is a surprisingly intimate thing. There is no difference between the grief of an individual and a nation (just on the larger scale). And as with any process, the stress of loss and grieving is an important factor to our personal and national health.

The stress of grieving is not merely mental. With every process in life, there is the physical, spiritual, and mental combined. Recognizing stress and choosing to relieve it is essential for balance in all of our lives.

Relieving Stress from the Boston Marathon Bombing

Take a deep breath and a moment to look at our tips below to help relieve what stresses you.

  • Exercise to enjoy the natural endorphins your body releases.
  • Maintain an optimistic and positive outlook: the power of your thoughts is very important.
  • Practice altruism: the generous soul lives a rich abundant life.
  • Remain connected socially to family and friends.
  • Make time for gratitude and forgiveness for the enrichment of your soul.

This moment of grief will be soon replaced by anxiety, fear, and hatred. What does the aftermath hold for the U.S. and its partners against terrorism? As citizens, do we live in a more elevated state of fear? Use these stress tips to achieve balance in your life and make time for inner-reflection.

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