‘I Had To Save Him” – Megan Allen: Hero to Miles the Great Pyrenees

As soon as Megan heard about Miles, the Great Pyrenees who had been a stray dog for over a year, she jumped in her car and drove down to the small, rural California town where he lived. It didn’t take long to find him, but catching him was a different story as you can see from the video. However, Megan never gave up. And we think Miles must really appreciate her stubborn streak. Miles life has changed so much since that day thanks to people like Megan, her friend Danny and the rescue efforts at A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue.

You can keep up with Megan’s rescues on her Instagram page. Also, a big shout out goes to Mad Love Animal Rescue for taking him in, as well as Kerstin, his foster mom.

Video by The Dodo

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