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Join or Start a Dream Club

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Book clubs have become popular in our culture. They can help you meet new people, discuss intellectual topics, and grow in your own wisdom. Now, people across the country are taking extra steps to learn more about others and themselves in a new trend called dream clubs.

Dream clubs are similar to book clubs. Groups of people come together on scheduled days to have intimate discussions, but instead of talking about books the members will talk about their most recent dreams. These clubs can be led by dream coaches or the members themselves. There are also online dream discussions and religion-affiliated dream clubs (organized through churches and religious centers).

What’s the importance of dreams and dream clubs? Psychologists say that dreams reveal deep desires within us as well as our darkest fears. Studies have suggested that having and recalling dreams can help inspire us to become more involved in artistic activities. It can also help boost our creativity. And by participating in dream clubs, individuals can get insight on their dreams from people they respect and trust.

There are many benefits to having a dream club. By discussing dreams you can form a deeper relationship with the people within the group. Dream clubs also encourage people to get sufficient amounts of sleep in order to have and recall dreams. Anne Hill of Huffington Post also points out that sharing dreams has helped change her life’s path; her dreams have guided her and helped her accomplish her goals.

To start a dream club set a schedule for discussions and consider whether you want to hire a dream coach or lead the meetings yourselves. Remember to keep dream books next to your bed to record dreams as soon as you wake up and bring them to the meetings. Invest in reference materials like symbol or dream dictionaries.

The three most important rules of dream clubs are: be open-minded and kind, remember that what is discussed in dream club stays in dream club, and finally only reveal dreams that you feel comfortable with. Intimate dreams can be kept to yourself.

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