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Man Couldn’t Say “Buttery Flaky Crust” and Became Famous!

Jack and Sonja Palmer, an adorable couple from Maine went viral in 2012 when they tried their very best to endorse their favorite restaurant in a local commercial. The restaurant was advertising some items on the menu but there was a problem. Jack couldn’t get his line right. Watch him try to say “baked in a butter flaky crust” over and over again!

The video of their bloopers was seen over 5 million times on YouTube and just recently, Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell put their own spin on it in a Saturday Night Live spoof!

“Buttery Flaky Crust” couple reacts to SNL spoof!

VIDEO: Jack and Sonja watch the SNL spoof for the first time.

Main photo credit: Bangor Daily News – BDN Maine

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