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Mindful New Year’s Resolution Check-up

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While making a New Year’s resolution can be easy; sticking to it can be difficult. The first week of July marks the midpoint of the new year. And if you have struggled to keep up with your resolutions these past six months, you may need some Mindful inspiration to keep you going for the rest of the year.

Millions of Americans made New Year’s resolutions, but few of them will have made it to this midpoint. Research shows that 75 percent of people kept their resolutions for a week, 71 percent lasted two weeks, and 64 percent lasted a month. And according to recent data only 40 to 46 percent of New Year’s resolvers will have made it to six months.

Why is it so hard to maintain our resolutions? There are many factors at play. Making changes and breaking habits, like smoking, can be extremely difficult, especially when you don’t have the right tools and support. Sometimes we set goals that are too ambitious or we may even set goals that are not challenging enough, thus doesn’t keep us engaged.

So, whether you’ve made a resolution to exercise, find better work/life balance, or stay organized, you could benefit from some Mindful motivation.

Here are five New Year’s resolution check-up tips to help see you through the next six months: 

Resolution review

 Begin by mindfully reflecting on what you have accomplished so far. Consider writing down your feelings and asking yourself questions about your progress about what you have done well and what you could do better.

Support and foundation

 In order to make life changes you’ll need to have a solid foundation, which means having a solid support system. So consider talking to trusted friends about your resolutions. They’ll keep you motivated and hold you accountable. Also be sure to have knowledge from experts at hand. This may mean reading related research or contacting experts, like your doctor, for advice.

Manage triggers

 If the first six months was a challenge make some adjustments. Change your environment to avoid negative triggers. For instance, if you have trouble keeping your diet, remove all the bad tempting foods from your kitchen. Also, create positive triggers that will inspire you to work on your resolutions. Create a schedule or leave your credit cards at home so you won’t bust your budget.

Track your progress

 Even if you didn’t keep track of your progress over the first six months, be sure to keep a record starting now. This could mean keeping track of the amount of weight you lose, how much money you’ve saved, or how many pages you’ve written for your book. At the end of each month you can review your progress and make necessary changes.

Resolution reminders

 To stay motivated always have your goals on your mind. Mark your calendars or set reminders on your smartphone so you won’t forget important details. Consider leaving post-it notes on your bathroom mirror or on your front door so you can see your goals every time you leave your house.

Bonus: New Year’s resolution reboot

 Did you give up on your New Year’s resolutions a long time ago? Give it another try. Use some of the tips above to rededicate yourself. You still have six months to make this year your most mindful year yet.


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