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Tips for Business Travel Sanity

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Millions of people are traveling for business and it’s contributing to the growth of the U.S. travel industry. In 2011, $249 billion dollars was spent on business travel alone. Unfortunately, this increase in business travelers means more lines, delays and stress. Here are a few mindful tips for business travel sanity.

A business trip may sound like a work-funded vacation, but from the extra security at the airport to lackluster accommodations, many working trekkers are finding the whole experience more stressful than they anticipated. To make the best of your trip and make the best impression at your meeting or event, you’ll need a lot of rest and relaxation.

Here are some tips for business travel sanity:

Eat right. It’s so easy to indulge in the wrong foods while you’re away from home, so remember that healthy food choices will give you extra energy while you’re traveling. Instead of eating the sweet treats offered at your complimentary breakfast, see if they have any fruit. For energy during business meetings try trail mix or nutrition bars.

Stay fit. According to a NASA fatigue study, those who exercise while on a business trip were more alert by 61 percent. So, before your trip contact your hotel and ask questions about their gym and equipment. If they don’t have a gym, see if they have a pool (you can swim laps for exercise). Consider bringing a workout DVD and exercise in your room. Or bring a pair of walking shoes and tour the town.

Personal Projects. With all the conferences and other work you do during the day, it’s important to find a meaningful project to keep you busy and clear your head during the evenings. Avoid work-related projects and consider taking on a more personal task. Bring a book, your latest knitting project or that documentary that you’ve been dying to finish.

Sleep better. With the change in time zones and your busy schedule getting enough sleep while on a work trip can be tough. However, losing just 1 ½ hours of sleep can reduce your alertness by one-third. So, take extra sleep precautions when planning a business trip. For example, consider bringing ear plugs and eye covers for afternoon naps or soothing music to send you to sleep. Make sure to ask your hotel for a wake-up call so you’ll be sure to be up in time for any of your meetings.

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