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September 21, 2021

National Caramel Month

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

From apples and nuts to ice cream and popcorn, caramel makes a great addition to every sweet treat. This month is about everything caramel. So, in honor of National Caramel Month, consider trying a caramel-flavored coffee beverage at your local coffee shop. Or make your own caramel treats.

Caramel Recipe Ideas

Celebrate National Caramel Month by making caramel-flavored dishes. Caramel-covered apples are always a crowd favorite; you can’t go wrong! Want to make something a little more adventurous? Try making pumpkin caramel latte doughnuts (they taste great with a hot cup of coffee or a cup of cocoa). Or you can make the classic soft caramel candies with this recipe.


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