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August 1, 2021

National Lipstick Day

by Dr. Kathleen Hall
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Use of lip coloring dates back to the Mesopotamian where women crushed gemstones to decorate their lips and eyelids. In the 20th century, Elizabeth Arden, popularized lipsticks by introducing different lipstick colors  the kick start to color trends. Today, for National Lipstick Day, try to be a little adventurous.

Try a New Lipstick

When was the last time you tried on a new lipstick color? It is one of the quickest ways to change your look. You can use a cool pink or peach color and turn your look to soft and warm. Or you can put on a bright red or rust color and shift your look to bold or powerful. How about a little metallic blue or violet colors? Time to hit the makeup counters! Be sure to check out the eco-friendly options.

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