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New Family Heirloom Makes the Perfect Gift

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After years and years of gift giving, are you looking for something new and unique to give to a family member? A new family heirloom is a thoughtful gift that’s always appreciated. An heirloom doesn’t have to be grandma’s pearls. You can create or buy a new keepsake for future family members.

Five Family Heirloom Gifts

Listed below are five Mindful Gifts® that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Family Photos

With everybody going digital nowadays it’s rare for people to actually have a physical photo album. For a gift, consider gathering scrapbooking materials and creating a photo album for them. Or you can find a professional service to make things easier. Also, consider shrinking the pictures in a mosaic collage to create a larger family picture.

Family Trees

Family trees come in all shapes and sizes and they’re always a great gift. Consider making a family tree quilt. You can find inspiration on Pinterest. Mini tree sculptures make a great gift. You can hang small pictures of family members from the branches. Or consider a unique family tree diagram. This one is in the shape of the age-defining rings of a tree stump.

Family Recipes

Do they have family recipes that they treasure? Consider getting the yummy directions for their mother’s apple pie or perfect meatloaf printed on a kitchen towel or on an apron. There are also kitchen plates, bowls, and cups that you can have inscribed with a family recipe.

Family Stories

Consider giving a family with a newborn a personalized baby book. Or if you have any family stories that you would like to share with future generations, consider collecting them and creating a book. You can do it on your own or use the same professional service mentioned for the photo albums.

Family Maps

A custom map is a great idea for a family that lives across the U.S. or the world. For instance, you can create a map and have initials to mark where relatives live around the world. Or for a family that’s constantly moving around, a map with hearts can indicating where they once lived. You can get a personalized wall-hanging map here or here. There are also embroidered map pillows and jewelry pendants too.

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