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Plan a Stress-Free Wedding

by MLN Staff
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Your wedding should be one of the happiest occasions in your life, but stress can turn it into a nightmare. If you plan on saying, “I do” in the future, it’s important that you take a look at our stress free wedding tips list.

As if picking a dress, finding a venue, and organizing the seating chart wasn’t hard enough, more brides are taking on even more responsibilities and stress for their wedding. According to a survey from, most brides (from their 21,000 participants) said that they have at least one do-it-yourself project they plan to do for the wedding, like “creating ceremony programs, favors, or escort cards.” And only 19 percent of brides hire a wedding planner, which means many brides as handling the wedding themselves without much backup.

Check out these stress free wedding tips:  

Stay Organized Crucial

Consider investing key organizational tools like planners, calendars, highlighters, sticky-notes. Use a binder or organization app to keep all of your ideas for the wedding in one place. If you want to share your ideas with others consider creating a Google document so that other people can comment and help your plan.

Budgets are Your Friends

 Weddings can be expensive; in fact the average wedding costs $28,427. So, it’s important to stay within budget so you won’t become overwhelmed or stressed. Consider coming up with a budget for each aspect of the wedding such as a dress budget, food budget, and entertainment budget. You can even use a budget spreadsheet to stay organized.

Everyone Needs Wedding Helpers

It may be your wedding, but trying to handle all the arrangements yourself will only add to your stress. Consider hiring a wedding planner to take charge of tasks or consider asking members of the wedding party for help.

Be Realistic

Sometimes a bride and groom can become focused on the perfect wedding pictures they see in magazines and on websites. These resources serve as great inspiration, but planning a wedding that mimics these pictures is unrealistic. And fussing over every little detail, trying to reach these ideals will make you feel stressed. Instead, remember that no wedding is perfect and that’s okay.

Savor the Moments with Your Partner

When the stress of the wedding becomes unbearable, try reconnecting with your partner. Leave the wedding planning behind and have a date night. You’ll both benefit from a day of relaxation.

Don’t Let Your Wedding Become a Chore

 You may not enjoy every aspect of the wedding preparations, but you should find most of the planning exciting. If you start to get the wedding blues consider taking the time to pamper yourself and beat the stress. Consider eating healthy meals, exercising, meditating, doing yoga, going to the spa, or taking a relaxing bath.

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