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Polar Bear Tundra Buggy – LIVECAM

A train of Tundra Buggies in Canada’s Wapusk National Park is the perfect place to see a polar bear up close. Come on a virtual Tundra Buggy trip in Churchill, Canada to see polar bears as they wait for winter sea ice to form on Hudson Bay. A Tundra Buggy is a low-impact, all-terrain vehicle specially designed to operate in the harsh conditions found in the Arctic with minimal environmental impact. The height of these buggies enables them to navigate through small streams and snow drifts and keeps the guests inside safe.

Where is this cam located?
Near Churchill, Manitoba in Canada, this cam shows where polar bears gather every fall to wait for ice to form on the Hudson Bay, creating a temporary bridge to their seal-hunting grounds. When this happens, they’re in a state known as “walking hibernation”! Unfortunately, the water is taking longer and longer to freeze every year–and it melts sooner–which is straining the limits of polar bears’ fat reserves.

What is a Tundra Buggy?
Tundra Buggies are all-terrain vehicles that have been specially designed to operate in the harsh Arctic conditions with minimal impact on the environment. At more than 13 feet high, the tundra buggies can be easily navigated through streams, snow drifts and across the tundra, keeping riders safe and enabling them to observe polar bears in their natural habitats.

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