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Relationship Goals for the New Year

If your romantic relationship has hit a few hurdles in the past year or if you feel things are starting to stagnant, the new year is a new opportunity for you to grow as a couple. Setting relationship goals as a couple can takes a lot of mindful reflection and honesty. This simple guide can help you with that process.

Start the Process With a Relationship Checkup

First things first: in order to make relationship goals for a new year you’ll need to make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page. A relationship checkup is the perfect solution for this.

Much like a medical checkup, a relationship checkup is all about assessing the health of your romantic bond. For instance, what were some of the highpoints of your relationship last year? What were some of the low points? What lessons have you learned together? Write down your answers separately and then share them together.

You can then end your checkup by discussing how you hope your relationship will grow in the new year. This will be a great segue for establishing new relationship goals.

Relationship Goals for the New Year

If you and your partner want to start this new year on the right foot, consider the tips listed below.

Improve Your Listening Skills

Active listening (being 100 percent tuned into what another person is saying) is an important part of being a mindful partner. This year, you and your partner can make a conscious effort to listen more. From now on, when your partner has had a hard day at work, turn off the TV, put the smartphone away and give them your full, undivided attention. Your active listening can reduce your stress and theirs. It can also help strengthen your relationship.

Set More Bonding Time With Each Other

It’s hard to make time for each other. And there are so many important things that can get in the way—from work to kids and household responsibilities. This year schedule more dates with each other. Leave your work at the office and spending the evenings together, distraction-free. Make plans weeks in advance and stick to them.

Practice Self-Love

In order to love someone else you have to first love yourself. So, cut out the negative self-talk. Stop beating yourself up when you make a mistake. Remind yourself of all that you have achieved over the years. And schedule some daily “me” time. By working on yourself you’ll also be working on your relationship.

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