S.E.L.F. Care During a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season. Besides physically getting ready stocking up supplies, securing property and even evacuating, how can you get emotionally prepared for this 900-mile mega storm?

Stress caused by natural disasters can negatively affect your physical and emotional well-being. Yet through mindfulness and S.E.L.F. Care, you can ensure that you weather this storm (and any others to come) in a positive and mindful manner. Listed below are some tips to help you manage.

Hurricane S.E.L.F. Care Tips
  • Talk about it. Share your feelings with others to reduce stress. Releasing these feelings through communication will help you cope.
  • Surround yourself. Spend time with family and friends enjoying the emotional support bonds bring.
  • Limit your exposure. After living through it, you do not need to relive it. Avoid images of the disaster as well as 24-hour news channels that play the footage again and again.
  • Busy yourself. Anchor yourself and your mind in any activities you enjoy. Keep your mind busy with reading, watching movies or playing games. Incorporate some exercise by playing tag or hide-and-seek indoors. Laugh!
  • Take care of yourself. Utilize our S.E.L.F. care methods and avoid alcohol and caffeine, which will make you more anxious and depressed. Browse our site for articles on S.E.L.F. care (serenity, exercise, love, and food).

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