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S.E.L.F. Care: Your Life Preserver at Work

Are you feeling overwhelmed and overworked? Does it feel like the day is moving at snail’s pace and the amount of work hasn’t ended? Here is how S.E.L.F Care can help you overcome you busy job.

S.E.L.F. Care can help you survive the workload

S= Serenity

Take a two-minute refresher. Close your eyes and take several deep diaphragmatic breaths and repeat a short word phrase (e.g. “I love myself”). This will restore your brain and vital organs. Revive your rhythm by listening to music. Calming music releases neurochemicals in our bodies, which decrease physical responses such as heart rate and respiration to result in relaxation.

E= Exercise

Get active at work by stretching at the desk. Utilize exercises such as Chair Yoga to get relaxed. Keep hand weights in your desk drawers and take a moment to stand up and lift weights. Exercise with oxygen by taking in deep breaths. Breathing creates space for you to make a decision before you react.

L= Love

Interact with your support group by reaching out to someone via text, email, or phone call. Just touching base with someone you care about will reduce your stress. Share lunch with your co-workers at least two times a week. This creates a community to break away from stresses of work. Place pictures and mementos of loved ones and pets on your desk. Whenever you are feeling stressed, look at your favorite items and feel the stress trickling away.


Food can be a medicine to regulate your mood, so eat B6 vitamin to help you cope with anxiety and panic. Keep a banana or a pack of sunflower seeds at your desk for a quick calming snack. Eat fish for lunch for those Omega 3’s or blueberries for a rich source of antioxidants.

Bonus: S.E.L.F. improvement tips

This new year, invest in your well-being. and learn more tips for your self-care. When you are struggling psychologically, spiritually, or physically, you may be committing “selficide.” Here are a few Mindful tips to help you overcome this struggle. If you need balance in your life, consider these Mindful tips that can help you A.C.E. your life.

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