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Scott’s Backyard Animal FeederCam

Welcome to a live animal camera located in a backyard in Ohio, which provides constant streaming of a feeding station. This cam was set up by a man named Scott, and is located near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in a suburban neighborhood. This animal cam provides entertainment but also a chance to learn the wildlife of the eastern United States.

Remember, the animals you can expect to see changes depending on the time of day!

During the Daytime You Can See

There are Eastern Gray Squirrels, Eastern Chipmunks, and many different species of birds (Northern Cardinal, Blue Jay, American Crow, Mourning Dove, sparrows, and sometimes even Mallard ducks). During the warm summer months, it’s possible to witness a visit from Chuck, our hilarious groundhog/woodchuck friend. And of course, you may see Scott, his children, or his dog 🙂

During the Night, You Can See

At night the cameras night vision turns on and new animals arrive. These mammals include Raccoons, Virginia Opossums, Eastern Cottontail (rabbits), White-tailed Deer, Striped Skunks, and sometimes even a Red Fox. The nocturnal animals are incredibly entertaining, so make sure to check back once the sun goes down.

Scott would like to remind everyone that because this camera is situated only about 100 feet from the back door of his house, it’s common to see his dog running around, his kids playing and saying something to the cameras, or Scott himself filling the feeders. He also apologizes if any of the before-mentioned actions accidentally scare away something you were watching.

Want to support Scott?

Do you want to support Scott’s channel and help defer the cost of food? If so, he suggests you can support the live cam’s endeavors via PayPal here – Scott also says, while never expected, this is greatly appreciated. It’d be nice to give him a surprise, now wouldn’t it? 🙂

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