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Join the Mindful Living Revolution

Join us in the Mindful Living Revolution! Many in our world are asking what the next steps are. For instance, how do we begin to heal our racial, economic, and political divides in this wounded world?

We need to start with a new set point in our attitudes and language, rooted in mindfulness and Mindful Living. We can create a Mindful Revolution in a world where our tenants are based in reverent respect for every facet of creation, kindness, justice, forgiveness, compassion, honesty, and acceptance.

Let’s create a new set point for a new world rooted in Mindful Living. I founded the Mindful Living Network with the tagline “One People, One Planet, One Future”. I was hoping to create an online platform where we all share, learn, and educate each other on how to create a Mindful, sustainable, and just world.

Today I am inviting all of us, as citizens of the planet Earth, to join the Mindful Living Revolution and create a new conversation that can save our selves, each other, and our planet.We just in the beginning stages of creating our Mindful Living Revolution. Please give us your contact information so we can contact you as we progress.

Blessings to You!

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