Shelby Grebenc: The Egg Girl

Shelby Grebenc of Broomfield, Colorado is a 13-year-old young woman who is a source of pure joy, hope, and love in our fragile world.

Shelby’s family was spiraling into bankruptcy. Her father had a job but Shelby’s mother is a pharmacist who developed severe disabling Multiple Sclerosis. Her mother could not move or even get off the couch as Shelby and other family members cared for her.

At the age of 9, Shelby decided to get to work and help out her struggling family. She went to her grandmother and borrowed enough money to buy some chickens. Her plan was to purchase chickens, gather their eggs and sell them throughout the area. Shelby’s family had not farmed before but Shelby was determined to learn how to develop her business to save her family.

Shelby lifted 50-pound bags of chicken feed, faced freezing inclement weather daily and made sure her chickens had plenty of exercise and care. She was the youngest person ever to win the Animal Welfare Seal of Approval.

Last year Shelby earned $15,000 for her family delivering her precious eggs filled with her love to her clients.

Shelby’s father said, “We would be homeless without Shelby.”

Main photo credit: USDAgov / Flickr

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