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Guided Meditation
Relax, restore and renew your body and mind as Dr. Kathleen Hall walks you through your own personal guided meditation session. In 5 minutes you'll de-stress and discover your center once again....
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Moon Meditation
Let the glow of the moon call you to your center. Just as the moon pulls the ocean to create the changing tides, let it pull you from the hectic day into a place of calm and peace. ...
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Ocean Wave Relaxation Sounds
Hear the roaring waves lapping on the sand. With each rush, let go of the things that clutter your day, and let the power of the waves sweep the stress away....
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Sky Nature Sounds
Let your mind wonder like the clouds in the sky....
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Sunrise Nature Sounds
Let the light of the sunrise open your mind to all that is good....
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Sunset Nature Sounds
Become mesmerized by the sunset as it envelops the horizon. As the light and color permeate your body, slip to a quite and restful place....
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