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Soy Candles Usher in the New Season

by Dr Kathleen Hall

Are you breathing in the cool, crisp air or enjoying the view of leaves changing colors outside? As you wind down your day, make your home a sanctuary with fall scents. Lighting soy candles around your home is a great way to usher in this change in season.

When choosing a scent, allow yourself to reminisce about what autumn means to you. Is it warm sugar cookies? Or fresh pumpkins being carved? Reach back to your childhood or pick a scent that will brighten your day!

  • Buy 100 percent soy. Soy beans are sourced locally here in the U.S. By buying soy candles, you are supporting American farmers that grow and process soy wax. It is biodegradable and water soluble as well.
  • Clean burning. Ever notice how dark and sooty a candle in a jar can become? Paraffin, found in most candles, contains petroleum byproducts. Soy produces minimal soot and releases fewer carcinogens into the air.
  • The importance of cotton. Cotton or hemp wicks don’t contain zinc. Zinc is found in metal wicks used in mass produced candles (toxic and creates more soot while burning).
  • Save in the long run! Soy candles are more expensive, but they burn much slower than paraffin wax (that means they last 25-40 percent longer). They fill the room with stronger and more lasting smell because there are no chemicals used to enhance the scent.

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