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Spiritual Healing Trip

by Dr Kathleen Hall

Taking a spiritual healing trip will change your life. For thousands of years, shamans and faith healers have functioned under the belief that physical illness results from imbalances. These imbalances are within our emotional and energy bodies. This will ultimately express through the physical body (most commonly as a chronic/debilitating disease). Even science has begun to recognize the importance in addressing the spiritual aspect of dis-ease and the value of alternative, holistic and integrative medicine modalities.

Maybe this is why people take on this powerful, spiritual journey to Abadiania, Brazil to find an experienced faith healer John of God. They seek answers or relief to pain and suffering. Skeptics or believers, truly, a journey like that is meant to deeply explore the aspects within us that are contributing to our suffering and pain.

During the spiritual healing trip whether you go to Brazil to visit John of God or not here are few mindful tips:

Acceptance and surrender

Truly accepting and embracing what you want to heal instead of rejecting it or feeling victimized by it is critical.


This is a multi-faceted area that begins with self-forgiveness and includes forgiving others, life, and the “illness” itself.


Being your own best advocate is of utmost importance. Together we will support you in finding YOUR voice in your circumstances.


Our tendency is to crawl under a rock and say, “I am done” due to the “shame” we carry. Creating a community of love that will support you in your power. Instead of supporting a “woe is me” attitude, is a transformative experience.


Realizing who you really are, as opposed to your attachment to what you believe about your body, is what will help you shift in your journey.

ME—Version 2.0

Reinventing yourself! Life as you knew it has come to a startling halt. We need to grieve that, accept it and then – decide who we want to be.

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