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Summer is Coming: Be Vacation Prepared

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

Before you start booking rooms or packing your bags, ask yourself one question: am I prepared for this vacation? Scheduling a trip can be quite stressful and requires pre-planning your budget. But with the right groundwork you’ll be on your way to a relaxing and fun vacation in no time. Here is the best advice to being vacation prepared.

Four Steps to Being Vacation Prepared

  1. Research. An enjoyable trip is guaranteed if you’ve done the proper research. Knowing the ratings of your hotel is a great, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Learn all you can about local transportation. Find out which restaurants are popular in that area. Check to see if there are any local events going on. Research some fun, new adventures that can be had there as well.
  2. Take precautions with your health. Before going on a vacation make sure you and your family have refilled your medications. Do you occasionally get allergies? Are you traveling on a boat? If so, be sure to pack allergy and seasickness medication. If you’re travelling abroad check this CDC map. It tells you which vaccines you may need in certain countries.
  3. Plan for your absence. Before leaving, make sure things at home and at work are in order. Who will be watering your plants? Who will be taking care of your pets? Will someone be collecting your mail or will you ask the post office to hold it? Have you made sure that everything will be fine at work while you’re gone? Will family and friends know how to contact you when you’re on vacation? Have you made sure that nothing will spoil in your fridge while you’re gone?
  4. Make a list of things to pack. Make a detailed list of things you’re going to pack for your trip. With this list you’ll be able to anticipate what you’ll need to buy for your vacation. Do you need a new bathing suit? Do you need additional luggage? Make sure to add it to your pre-planning vacation budget.
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