Simple Tips to Celebrate Spring

Spring Is In the Air

Are you tired of the gloomy, short days with little sunlight? Are you tired of the heavy, thick clothes? Have you been sequestered in your home for too long? It’s spring! It’s time to open your windows, shed your heavy winter clothes, and get outside because spring is in the air.

Simple Spring Tips That Create New Energy In Your Life

  1. A new look for YOU:

  • On the Inside. It’s a great time to feel healthy and strong or to get in shape. Each day gets are warmer, sunnier. The flowers begin to pop open and the trees begin to get their leaves. Get outside and walk each day. Get a group in your neighborhood, walk with coworkers, or walk with your family each night after dinner. It’s invigorating and gets you excited about your life and spring.
  • On the Outside. Get a new burst of energy just by changing up your look. Try a new haircut or a new hair color. New spring colors can brighten your look. You change does not have to be expensive. Maybe try a new scarf, blouse, shoes, or a bright purse. For men, how about a new tie with the new spring colors or fun, bright socks?
  1. A new look for your HOME
On the Inside
  • The Power of Color. Research shows color is good for your mental health. Adding a little color to your home is fun and it brings life into your home. Paint an accent wall in each room. It is inexpensive and makes a real change. Or maybe add some bright, colorful throw pillows on your couches or bed.
  • China. Change to a bright colored china or glasses. They are inexpensive at many discount stores or online. Bright linens on your table will also brighten up your life.
On the Outside
  • Shutters. Brighten up your home and create a new look. Shutters are now available in pre-painted, inexpensive colors that are not wood and do not need to be painted.
  • Window Boxes. Put some window boxes up or place flowerpots on your front porch or steps.
  • Your Yard. Get a sheet of paper and start planning how to add color to your yard. Plant some annuals for a happy pick me up.
  1. Organize

  • Closet/drawers. Bring out your spring and summer clothes. Give away the winter clothes you are tired of or the ones that don’t fit. This opens up your storage areas and could help others.
  • Garage and outside storage areas. Pick a day for the family to get together and help clean out an outside storage area. It will make everyone feel better and when you need your spring and summer tools you will know exactly where they are.
  1. Get involved with nature: Research shows being in nature reduces stress and depression. Become aware of the birds surrounding your home and at work. Put up a bird feeder, get some field glasses or binoculars, and have fun with your family. Birding is a fast growing hobby. Enjoy the vast variety of these magnificent birds.

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