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Stop and Smell the Roses

Celebrating the Exquisite Rose

What is more beautiful than a rose? I agree with Ralph Waldo Emerson as he said, “There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence,” It’s National Rose Month and time to celebrate the exquisite rose. No matter what color, classifications or lineage, any rose is a Divine gift to us earthlings.

Roses Have a Rich History

Throughout the ages, roses have been symbols of love, beauty, politics, wealth, and status. Ancient fossils tell us roses are 35 million years old. Actual cultivation of roses began in China 5ooo years ago. Roses are a frequently used flower symbol. Throughout Christianity, a rose is a symbol of heaven and harmony in the world. Furthermore, the rose is considered the flower of the Virgin Mary.

Many Products are Produced from the Luscious Rose

Rose rosary

My friend Brother Rene made rosaries made out of rose petals for most of his life. He would lovingly saunter in the rose garden daily and pick up each fallen petal. When he had gathered enough, Brother Rene would make a paste out of the dried rose petals, roll them into small balls, wait for them to dry, and make rosaries out of these rose petals. I have several of his rose rosaries he made from the rose garden at Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky.

Rose water

Rose water is flavored water made by steeping rose petals in water. Also, rose water is used in makeup and creams adding beauty and moisture to the skin care products.

Rose oil

Rose oil is a valued essential oil sourced from the Rosa damascena plant. In many parts of the world rose oil is believed to have health benefits such as aiding depression, anxiety, and antiviral properties.

Rose potpourri

Rose potpourri is dried rose petals. They add a beautiful scent to any room or drawer and is easily made by adding 15 drops of rose essential oil to one tablespoon of water. Spray this solution on top of the dried roses. Dry this in the oven for about one hour until the flower petals are brittle and dry. Add 10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to one tablespoon of water in a small spray bottle and spritz the potpourri ingredients. Then pop the potpourri into your oven.

Rose infused foods

Many chef’s use actual roses or rose flavoring in their menus such as cookies, cupcakes, pastries, cocktails, and salads, to name a few. Make sure you only use food grade roses.


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