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May is Expensive

May can bring lots of summer financial stress to a family. The month of May has many celebrations such as Mother’s Day, graduations, gifts for teachers, and the additional travel costs to graduations and Mother’s Day celebrations. Have a family meeting and discuss all the expenses each family member expects for the May. Write them all down and follow these easy summer financial stress tips.

Tips on Summer Financial Stress:

  1. A Plan. Create a plan, you will feel more in control and this reduces stress.
  2. Family Meeting. Get the entire family on board. Ask everyone in the family for creative ideas on how to pare down costs.
  3. Family Budget. Design a family budget with all family members. Have each family member create their own budget.
  4. Hope. Hope reduces stress and creates happiness. Teach your children that this valuable lesson as you move through these summer financial stress times; every obstacle is an opportunity. Openly discussing finances is a gift for the entire family.

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