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Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

It’s February, the month of love,  and unfortunately, there will be millions of couples who’ll have to celebrate apart. Plenty of people give long distance relationships a shot, hoping that the absence will make their hearts grow fonder. But do these relationships really stand a chance?

It depends on the couple. Long distance relationships were usually common among young lovers. In fact, according to reports, 75 percent of college students will be in a long-distance relationship at some point. Yet, the trend has changed a bit. With the troublesome economy, couples of all ages are being split. Some partners are relocating for better job opportunities. And with social media websites, it’s possible for people to find their one true love on a different continent.

So what are the cons of a long-distance relationship? Psychiatrists claim that the time apart can make the relationship develop at a slower rate. Long distance lovers are determined not to “waste” valuable time fighting; but, experts say that having arguments and finding solutions together is what strengthens relationships. Touch is also an important element in developing relationships which distant lovers miss out on.

If you and your significant other are considering a long distance relationship, make sure you are prepared. Being apart may not only affect you emotionally (such as causing anxiety or loneliness), but it can also hurt you financially (such as the costs of plane tickets).

Here are some tips to make sure your long distance relationship survives the miles:

  1. Make a romance contract. Ease the fear and anxiety that comes with separation by clearly defining your relationship and your plans for the future. Create rules that you both can agree to abide by.
  2. Create a balanced schedule. Keeping in touch can be easy with phone calls, text messages, email, and web chats. Make a schedule that works for the both of you and remember to consider the time difference.
  3. Add a little sugar and spice. Keep the romance alive. If you can’t afford a visit try sending care packages, flowers, or romantic letters instead.
  4. Set frequent checkups. Give your relationship frequent checkups. Openly discuss what’s working for you in this relationship and what’s not. Together try to make adjustments for the future.

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