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What is Your Social Credit Score?

Move over Experian and Equifax! We all know about our credit scoring system with credit reporting agencies such as Experian and Equifax. These credit agencies report our […]

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Practice Reflection Instead of Deflection

What is “our current state of deflection?” Chuck Todd on Sunday’s NBC Meet the Press used this provocative phrase. He said this about the current political […]

Please Resurrect Us From Our Incivility

Let’s Stop Our Current State of Incivility Our current climate of discord includes political divides, haunting social media influences, our climate crisis, Covid vaccine misinformation […]

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Why Didn’t You Just Leave?

Why Didn’t You Leave? “Why don’t you just leave Mom?” “Please leave.” These were the daily mantras of my tortured life as a child. I […]

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I Will Always Remember

We watched a few World War II movies over the last days. This is something very unusual for me because I deplore violence in all […]

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Election Stress Makes Us Sick

The drama during this election has been overwhelming for most of us. It has been difficult and unhealthy mentally and physically to digest the partisan […]