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March for Our Lives

As adults, it’s our job to protect children, but when it comes to gun violence we have failed. The Sandy Hook, Pulse, and Las Vegas […]

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Action After Parkland

In 2012, we at the Mindful Living Network asked how safe are our schools. It was just after the Sandy Hook shooting when the country was […]

Prayers & More for Texas

Religious centers, schools, and family homes—these are supposed to be our safe spaces, but with our country’s high record of gun violence, no space is […]

paris attack

We Stand with Our Paris Family

In the aftermath of the Paris attack, we are sending light, healing, and love to our dear Parisian family. My family and the Mindful Living Network staff […]

Lieutenant Brian Murphy-Mindful Hero

As we were watching the details of the Oak Creek Sikh (pronounced: seek) Temple shooting unfold, the story of Lieutenant Brian Murphy warmed our hearts […]