march for our lives, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Thousands Walked Out But The Fight’s Not Over

After the Parkland shooting this past Valentine’s Day, the survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School let it be known that they had had enough. Teens from the high school organized the March for Our Lives movement that’s gained the attention and financial backing of Oprah, George and Amal Clooney,…

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Prayers & More for Texas

Religious centers, schools, and family homes—these are supposed to be our safe spaces, but with our country’s high record of gun violence, no space is truly safe anymore. Gun Violence and the Las Vegas Shooting Just one month after the Las Vegas shooting, where nearly 500 people were injured and…

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paris attack

We Stand with Our Paris Family

In the aftermath of the Paris attack, we are sending light, healing, and love to our dear Parisian family. My family and the Mindful Living Network staff are heartbroken along with the people of Paris and the world. I have friends in Paris and have spent quite a bit of time there.…

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preventing school shootings, gun violence in schools, epidemic of school shootings

The Rising Epidemic of School Shootings

Are we as Americans doing everything we can to protect our children? A chilling new study suggests that, when it comes to school safety, we are not. There is a rising epidemic of school shootings and we must teach our children how to deal with this situation. According to the…

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s.e.l.f care, navy yard shooting

Handling the Horrors and Stress from the Navy Yard Shooting Attack

What on Earth is going on? Monday’s Navy Yard shooting sent many people in the nation into new levels of shock. Why is this happening; and only days after the 9/11? Did we not learn anything from the Fort Hood shooting in 2009? Have we spawned angry copycats in the…

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