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Lieutenant Brian Murphy-Mindful Hero

by Dr. Kathleen Hall

As we were watching the details of the Oak Creek Sikh (pronounced: seek) Temple shooting unfold, the story of Lieutenant Brian Murphy warmed our hearts at this time of suffering and disbelief.

As the first police officer on the scene, he spotted a victim lying in the temple parking lot. As he went to render aid, the shooter opened fire, hitting Lieutenant Brian Murphy eight to nine times. As more emergency personnel and officers arrived, he kept waving them off and telling them to help and render aid to those in the temple. He is critically injured but is expected to recover.

The Sikh community commended him for his bravery: “You behaved like a true Sikh: ever ready to sacrifice all for the weak and the vulnerable.”

To this day, Lieutenant Brian Murphy humbly refuses to consider himself a hero; rather, he is just an officer doing his job to protect the citizens and community that he serves. Well, we think you are a Mindful Hero®, and we thank you for your bravery.

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