It’s Brain Awareness Month

Forgetting Things? Do you feel like you just keep forgetting things? Do you feel as if your mind races during the day and you are […]

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Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s National Mental Health Awareness Month.  Do you feel you and those you love are mentally healthy? Are you or someone you love in need […]

Get Outdoors and Enjoy Ecotherapy

Getting out in the great outdoors can have tremendous effects on your health. This summer why not enjoy ecotherapy in order to improve the health […]

Heal Depression Now

Depression is a serious health condition that impacts the lives of millions of people. There are currently 19 million Americans with depression. And according to […]

4 Simple Ways to Relax

Surrender to serenity during this month. It is time to immerse yourself in relaxation. Most of us live stressed out lives. We live as if […]

Boost Your Mental Health

Today is Mental Health Awareness Month, so it’s a good time to discuss our mental health practices. Have you had a mental health check-up recently? […]