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Tech Warmers for the Winter

by MLN Staff

Tech Warmers for the Winter

When the winter chill starts to set in, we tend to turn up the heat. Blasting your home’s heat can cost some serious bucks; fortunately, turning to some small electric warmers can save you money in the long run. Over the years, tech companies have come up with some pretty awesome tech warmers for your winter chill.

Invest in Your Warmth and Comfort

Computer Hand Warmers

The thermostat in office buildings is a point of contention for many of American workers. If you’re one of those employees who spends the workday shivering in your cubicle, consider investing in USB hand warmers. These hand warmers can plug right into your computer and you wear them like little fingerless gloves. Are you interested? Try these “toast-shaped hand warmers.” They’ll keep your hands “toasty” as you type away.

Electric Mug Warmers

One of the best ways to stay warm in an office is by drinking lots of warm beverages, whether it’s coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate. However, with all the distractions at work many people end up forgetting their beverages and end up drinking it cold. Keep your beverages warm with a plug-in mug warmer. All you have to do is place your cup on the heated plate and you’ll enjoy a satisfying, warm sip of your beverage every time. There are many affordable models to consider.

Plug-in Booties

It’s said that the feet have special blood vessels that control the heating and cooling of the body, so warming your feet can help warm the rest of your body. This is where plug-in booties come in. These types of slippers have rechargeable batteries that can keep your toes warm for hours. You can find a pair of battery-powered slippers here.

Warming mattress pads and blankets

Long gone are the days of the old bed warmers filled with coal and placed at the foot of your bed. Nowadays people keep their bed warm with heated mattress pads and blankets. There are different types of pads to consider and different finishes for electric blankets, including cotton, and fleece, and faux fur. And during this winter season, you can find these pads and blankets at nearly any store with household goods.

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