Meet the Man Who Makes Bionic Pets

Dr Derrick Campana
Dr Derrick Campana
Dr Derrick Campana, Animal Orthocare

You could say Derrick Campana creates bionic pets for a living.  Dr. Campana want to school for human orthopedics. He was asked by a veterinarian to make a prosthesis for her dog, and as a result his passion for animal orthopedics was born. Today makes prosthetics for animals in need at Animal Orthocare, a place he has nicknamed the “limb factory”. Here he builds prosthetics from scratch for all kinds of furry and feathered animals. He has created prosthetic limbs for elephants, horses, dogs and many more animals all over the world.

While Dr Campana sees patients at his office (mostly dogs), he also provides a mail service where customers can mold their pet’s limbs with a casting kit and send it back to him to create a custom-made prosthesis. To date, he says he has helped over than 20,000 animals.

“I’ve been doing this for about 15 years and there is only six to 10 of us in the world that make prosthetics for animals,” he stated. “And I think it’s just raising awareness. I don’t think people realize that we can make these devices and they’re relatively cheap. We want to help animals and give the same types of treatments that people have to animals.”

You can learn more about Dr Derrick Campana and his company, Animal Orthocare on his business website.

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