The Problem With Being Perfect by Mel Robbins

The problem with being perfect
The problem with being perfect
The problem with being perfect – Mel Robbins

Do you know the problem with being perfect? Mel Robbins can tell you! In this video she describes how the idea of “perfect” is unattainable. She also explains why being perfect is not something you should want to be or strive for in life.

She says the fear of disappointing people is actually double-sided and many of us use it as a strategy to avoid making a scene. We would rather disappoint ourselves than others, so as a result we sweep our own feelings away. She also says how being perfect (or attempting to) in order to avoid criticism prohibits you from making big strides in any area of life. Since trying to be perfect prevents you from being your authentic self, it holds you back to pretend to be anything other than what you are. And no one is perfect.

Watch as Mel Robbins talks about how being perfect is not only unattainable. She also explains that perfection is a mechanism that people use to avoid hearing things that will harm them. She explains how we can accept criticism because it is inevitable and necessary to living our fullest life. As she says, “What I’ve also come to learn is that people can be disappointed in you, and still love you. You’re never going to get around this. You will always have people in your life that are going to be disappointed by you. But you have the ability to restructure how you respond to that trigger every time you fear disappointing someone”.

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