The Shocking Secret of Fibonacci

Natures Perfect Numbering System

The Fibonacci numbers are Nature’s numbering system. Fibonacci Sequence is a phenomenon that occurs throughout nature, art, music, and mathematics.

The Fibonacci numbers are seen in the growth of every living thing, including a single cell, a grain of wheat, a hive of bees, and our own human DNA

Fibonacci sequences become visible in biological settings. These identical numbers appear everywhere in Nature. The Fibonacci numbering sequence is in all facets of the natural world including flowers, pinecones, pineapples, beehives, leaves, hurricanes, nebulas, the human ear, ocean waves, and even art and music.

Fibonacci Is The Divine Template

The sequence of these numbers is present throughout nature and the cosmos. As this Divine numbering expresses itself perfectly and beautifully in the universe, we can only stand in awe of this Divine Algorithm of life. This numerical pattern was in Sanskrit and Indian mathematics about 450-200 BC. It was first discovered in texts and music from that era. The term Fibonacci number sequence was later named and introduced by the Italian Leonardo of Pisa, in his book written in 1202, into Western Europe mathematics.

How Fibonacci Shapes Our Lives

You experience Fibonacci shapes every day of our life. The spiral is the common shape of Fibonacci. This shape is referred to as “The Golden Spiral,” You see this number sequencing in seashells, waves at the beach, pine cones, seeds, the cochlea of your ear, fern leaves, hurricanes, tornadoes, sunflowers, flowers, nebulas, (newborn stars), and even your DNA.

The Genius of Human Fibonacci Co-Creation

The Fibonacci is also known as “The Golden Triangle.” The ratio numbers, when computed in design, produces a rectangle effect to the human eye. Many great works such as The United Nations building, the Great Pyramid and the Parthenon of Greece are all based on the Fibonacci Golden Triangle numbering. These golden numbers are evident in great works of art from artists such as Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Vermeer, and many others. Many musicians used the Fibonacci numbers to compose music and structure compositions such as Mozart and Beethoven.

The Mindful Living Network’s Reverence to Fibonacci

I have always been fascinated with symbology. When I discovered this Fibonacci number sequencing, I went wild. I read everything I could about it. I went on Fibonacci walks and field trips to discover Fibonacci in nature. One night I wept as I witnessed a star being born through a telescope. I experienced the Fibonacci effect as that nebula was being created before my eyes.

When I founded the Mindful Living Network, I wanted a powerful, sacred, Divine symbol for our logo. I chose what is for me the ultimate symbol of the Divine in the universe. I prayed that this universal Divine code would drive everything we do at the Mindful Living Network by bringing hope, healing, and love into the world while alleviating suffering. This powerful symbol still lights our way and continues to guide us to help love and heal the world.


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