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Tom Wynkoop: Special Deliveries for the Elderly

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Over the past year the United States has experienced some unusual weather. In fact, in recent weeks frequent cold waves have plagued America and temperatures have reached 40 below to 60 below zero in some regions. While this cold weather can be bothersome, for the elderly it can be especially problematic. Fortunately, Mindful heroes like Pennsylvania pizza shop manager, Tom Wynkoop, are doing their part to help aid their community during these cold times.

When extreme weather reports for Ligonier, Pennsylvania hit the news, Wynkoop decided to lend a hand. He knew that his community had a large elderly community and that the extreme cold temperatures could be dangerous for elderly citizens with respiratory conditions. So, Wynkoop decided to expand his delivery service beyond pizzas in order to help. He made an announcement through the Fox’s Pizza of Ligonier Facebook account stating that he would be willing to delivery emergency supplies to senior citizens in need. He listed his personal cell phone number and stated that no food purchases were required.

His post read: “This goes out to our valued customers. If you have any medical history that involves respiratory issues PLEASE PLEASE do not attempt to leave the house. Do to the extreme weather conditions please call my cell phone and I will do everything in my power to have things brought to you (medications, food, etc…) NO FOOD ORDERING REQUIRED.”

Since his announcement Wynkoop has said that they have help a dozen of people. And when news of his good deeds spread, Wynkoop and his staff received donations from people across the country. Not expecting to receive money for their good deeds, the staff of Fox’s Pizza decided to match the donations and give all of the funds to the local chapter of Meals on Wheels.

Would you like to make a difference in your community this winter? Local shelters are always in the need for coats, scarves, and gloves during the winter. So, consider donating used winter garments that you no longer need. During cold months many soup kitchens across the country see an increase of folks in need of food. Donating food or your time to these kitchens would also be great. Or consider offering your services to your elderly neighbors; we could all use an extra hand every once and a while.

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