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Top Ways to Save this Holiday Season

by MLN Staff

There’s nothing better than ending the year surround by people you care about. But between the food, decorations, and gifts, joining in on holiday festivities can put a strain on your wallet. According to a survey by Lab42, a consumer market research company, 31 percent of shoppers could spend more than $700 during the holidays this year. And only six percent will spend less than $100. Learn how to save this holiday season with our simple tips.

Comparing prices and participating in sales can help but it’s just the beginning when it comes to learning how to save this holiday season

  • For the feast. Forgo the five course meal this year and consider having a smaller feast with smaller portions or fewer dishes. Your wallet and waistline will thank you. Also, before you prepare a menu, check out your fridge/ freezer. Try to make a dish from what you already have. Before the big event, consider keeping cheaper food at home to save money for the bigger feast. Remember to bring Tupperware. Leftovers can be used for a future meal.
  • For decorations. If you’re looking to spruce up your house with decorations try shopping at a dollar store. You can find wreaths, candles, artificial flowers, and more. Also consider making your decorations. Wrap your tree with paper chains and gingerbread ornaments. With a little fish line you can hang paper snowflakes around your house. You can also get inspiration from your yard by spray painting fallen pine cones and twigs to make a display.
  • For gifts. Sending holiday cards this year? Save a few bucks and send an e-card instead or make your own holiday cards. Not all gift wrap is cheap or even recyclable, so use alternatives instead. Wrap presents with newspaper, recycled paper, recycled paper grocery bags, reusable bags, or old maps. To save even more money come up with a gift exchange system with your family and friends or consider having a Secret Santa instead.

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